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Production stages
It all begins with a new wallpaper sketch developed by the designers. A balanced combination of traditions and innovations is what makes the Company’s products responsive to all market trends.
Next, colors are selected and prints – future wallpaper samples – are created under designers’ supervision.
When the new design is approved, production of a printing stencil is initiated. Modern equipment makes this process quick and efficient which is of tremendous importance in the production cycle.
The next stage is plastisol manufacture. This material is the basis for vinyl wallpaper décor. The R&D laboratory at the plastisol shop tested over two thousand samples, with the best put into production. Original recipes were created, allowing the Company to change the range easily and quickly in keeping with today’s fashion trends.
Next is large-scale coloring as per the designer’s recipe.
At last, the production process begins. Throughout this process, all associated technological parameters and product quality are continuously controlled.
The main priority at EDEM is high product quality. The produced wallpaper quality is checked on special testing benches.
Basic quality control is exercised by an accredited laboratory.
 The wallpaper canvas is cut and rolled in the following formats: 0.53 m x 10.05 m; 1.06 x 10.05 m; 1.06 m 25.0 m.
 The wallpaper is packed in shrinkable film which effectively protects the roll.
Rolls are packed in corrugated carton boxes.
The products are received at the warehouse using dedicated storage equipment from leading global manufacturers. Thus the optimum technological and technical servicing of product flows is assured.
Our partners have modern vehicles compliant with the cargo carriage standard for 8 to 120 m2 freight and 2 to 22 ton capacity. We guarantee a timely and safe freight delivery and document support as per customer requirements.
Excellent technical expertise and integration capacity, commitment to experiments with new opportunities, high standard of professionalism and creative potential shared by a staff of fellow thinkers – these are the success factors to assure the customers that they can look forward to new wallpaper collections from EDEM, distinguished by the infallible combination of quality and style.

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