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Color solutions in interior is a matter of taste. But beware – 60% of human reactions to different situations are based on color. Paint your kitchen light blue, and you will open your fridge less frequently. If you want your child to improve in studies – pick yellow for his or her walls. Some colors calm the eye and mind, while others bring joy, and some may cause almost physical discomfort.

Thus, the coziness and comfort of your home largely depend on the right color selection.


RED consolidates inner energy, intensifies sexuality and improves blood circulation and metabolism. Ancient Romans associated the red color with strength and power, and the Chinese considered this color as the symbol of longevity.

The red color creates a sense of warmth and makes the interior more impressive. However, red-colored premises will seem smaller and lower. This color suits the place where the family spend their most active hours.


LIGHT BLUE is the color of sky and air, coolness and space. It has a calming and relaxing effect, setting a romantic mood. You can choose a soft blue as the main shade in the bedroom. Light blue is also good for offices, especially the rooms where disputes and conflicts are a frequent thing.


BLUE is a stern and mysterious color, the color of sea depth and infinite skies. At the physiological level it has a soothing effect but may cause depression if exaggerated.

Blue in the interior never fails to impart sophistication and nobility to the room. For apartment decoration psychologists advise to select the blue color for the bedroom.

The austerity of this color is balanced out by warm shades: red imbibes the interior with more expressiveness, yellow – with freshness, and peach – with luxury and elegancy. If combined with yellow and red, the blue color is a good choice for the children’s bedroom.


YELLOW is the color of sun and good spirits. It gives strength and helps with apathy and drowsiness. Besides, the yellow color improves focus and would be appropriate in any space where education takes place.

If sunshine is not a frequent visitor in your room, a warm yellow in the interior will liven it up.


ORANGE correlates with a golden tangerine and exudes warmth, vivacity and joy. This color helps fight fatigue, melancholy, uncertainty and anxiety.

Those prone to depression would benefit from orange and its shades in the design of their living rooms. It is best to decorate a cold northward room in orange colors.


GREEN is the symbol of wildlife, vigor, freshness and peace. It has a calming effect and is good for the eye and mind. This color is perfect for recreation zones. It looks most appealing on the walls of a sunny room.


VIOLET makes intuition keener, normalizes the condition of the lymphatic system and helps with migraines. At the same time, it has a somewhat painful and sad connotation. It is better to use this color in residential premises in a diluted light violet form: deep and bright shades tend to be tiring.


WHITE is loved by everyone. This is the color of freshness, cleanliness and coolness. It is associated with vivacity and health. In small poor-lit rooms the white color is indispensable.


GREY is the color of nobility. It helps set a nice mood in the house. It can be soft and stern, cozy and classy. Grey shades give the sense of a large space.


BROWN attracts friendliness and sociality, and also speaks of stability and practicality of the host. If the brown color prevails in the interior, you will feel secure.


BEIGE, SANDY, IVORY – soft neutral tints fill the room with the sense of light and space, set a mood of harmony and completeness. Refinement and elegancy are the key advantages of these shades.

Useful tips for selecting wallpaper

When picking the wallpaper, you should bear in mind the style and color of furniture for which the wallpaper will serve as background. If you care more about emphasizing the furniture and accessories in the interior, it is preferable to choose neutral-colored coverings: monochrome or embossed. But if you would rather not accentuate the furniture, a good idea is to experiment with interesting wallpaper designs. Or the wallpaper may match the color of main interior elements.

If the room has an emphatic floor covering, the wallpaper’s upper border should match the floor’s color scheme.

We live in a multi-colored world, and colors affect us. They set up the mood and help make our life more harmonic.

Enjoy the feast of color and be happy!

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