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When choosing the wallpaper

When choosing the wallpaper, one should consider the room size and configuration, ceiling height and sun exposure. There are no perfect premises but luckily there are wallcoverings – an excellent opportunity to “remove” the deficiencies of one’s home.

If the room faces south, Choose cold wallpaper shades (light blue, green, blue).

If the room faces north, the shortage of sunlight can be compensated for by warm-colored paper (from light lemon and beige to deep orange and red-brown).

To make a small room seem more spacious:

  • use wallpaper with a small pattern or light-colored monochrome wallpaper;
  • use cold-shaded wallpaper – light green, silver grey or light blue;
  • use wallpaper with rhomboid patterns;
  • refrain from using gaudy wallpaper with contrasting designs;
  • hang wallpaper with a large pattern on the wall opposite the window;
  • paper one wall with coverings of a color which visually “steps” into the background (e.g. a calm blue or green blue), and use lighter colors for the adjoining walls;
  • use vertically striped wallpaper for the ceiling.

If you will uncomfortable in a spacious room:

  • pick deep warm and dark shades for your wallpaper;
  • choose wallpaper with a large pattern and slanted lines;
  • hang wallpaper with vertical stripes.

If the room is narrow and high:

  • use wallpaper with horizontal stripes;
  • divide the room into three parts height-wise; paper the lower two thirds with more saturated wallcoverings, and the third part adjoining the ceiling – with light-colored ones;
  • hang lighter-color wallpaper on longitudinal walls, and darker wallpaper on transverse walls;
  • use a different color for one of the walls.

To “raise” the ceiling:

  • hang wallpaper with a vertical pattern or without any pattern;
  • paper the walls up to the ceiling without using the border;
  • use lighter shades for the ceiling.

To lower the ceiling visually:

  • paper the walls not quite reaching the ceiling and finished with border;
  • paper the walls with patterned coverings not reaching the ceiling;
  • use two types of wallpaper for the walls and divide them with border; pick darker colors for the ceiling;
  • use wallpaper with horizontal stripes.

What else are the “right” wallcoverings capable of?

Wallpaper with a spotted background reminding spray gun splashes can help conceal certain defects of wall surfaces.

Varicolored wallpaper with a small pattern will help hide butts and beams encountered in old houses.

Choosing wallpaper for a children’s bedroom

If your children are still at the age when they tend to “make things more beautiful”, i.e. to draw on the walls, do not hesitate to choose paintable vinyl wallpaper with non-woven backing. Then, the “mural paintings” by your little one can be easily painted over with a suitable shade, or completely change the wallpaper color.

IF your children are a bit older, patterned wallpaper is a good option. All textured wallcoverings are moisture-resistant, and some can be washed with a soft brush and detergents. It is a very practicable solution for the children’s bedroom.

Parents are often concerned: is vinyl wallpaper safe for their baby?

Vinyl wallpaper from EDEM Wallpaper Factory do not contain toxic compounds and, accordingly, do not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere. Finished wallpaper is subject to a series of quality tests, a sanitary and hygienic evaluation and are furnished with a health certificate confirming the safety of VERSAILLES® wallpaper.

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